Director's Desk

Dear Parents, Students and Visitors-Welcome to Central Academy

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Academy & Thank You for considering our school for your child.

From the past sessions, We think we have delivered, what we have promised. Thanks to the Parents, Teachers & Students at large, who have shown great enthusiasm and have given an unparallel response to all the programs. As the new Academic session dawns, we are glad to announce the Registration and Admission for the students in the current session. Since my childhood I had a dream, a dream to have a school of my own where all the students were to be intelligent, Progressive, and above all cultured. I have always thought and tried out ways to make learning simpler and easy, so that the students get stress-free education.

We at Central Academy, focus on over all development of a child thereby making the students self reliant in every field and motivate them to learn further. Our vision here is to give a school and learning environment that exist and operate programs for all individual learners allowing them opportunities to reach their potential

Last but not the least, I would surely request you to support & co-operate with us to make this Academy a well established Senior Secondary School in a couple of years from now. We assure you that our school is, and will remain, a friendly place where the needs of your children come first. 



Central Academy/ Sh. Sudarshanacharya Jankalyan Siksha Samiti Mainpuri, (UP)